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The Beginning.

A Saturday morning ride on Route 136 in Taichung, Taiwan turned into an idea that had more energy and power than anything I was working on. While on the ascent you meet other riders. One rider had worked for one of the biggest bicycle companies in the world and was a composites engineer. I was on contract to an industry leader. The conversation that took place over the next 4 miles of the ride would change everything. The ride had begun and Whisper was born.

What We Do.

We offer carbon fiber framesets or complete carbon fiber bicycles built to your personal specifications. You may choose from one of many options: pro or performance level builds, or you can order a customized component spec for your body and your sense of style... Longer cranks, lower gears, wider bars, saddle preference, colored bar tape, custom paint? We can accommodate almost any request – However, we cannot pedal the bike for you.
Compromise- is for relationships. Not your bike. Come check us out.

Something Different.

We have separated ourselves from the rest by offering riders custom quality and unprecedented service in carbon fiber bicycles.
The bottom line … we are different and always have been.  See for yourself.   

Our Mission.

To build high quality, customized carbon fiber bikes that do not sacrifice the superiority of the materials or specifications.

Simply put, we changed the rules with our frames. And more importantly we changed how it's done. We aren't a marketing company selling bikes. We are a bike company selling an experience and carbon fiber bikes unlike any others.

We strive to exceed customer expectations - we've been doing it for more than a decade.

Who do we cater to?

New and experienced riders seeking superior quality in carbon fiber frames and part specifications.

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