Better specs = better ride.

Our builds offer higher quality wheel sets and other components spec but doesn't stop there. Any and all of our kits can be modified to your desire. We also offer upgrades such as carbon handlebars and ceramic bearings.

Our builds offer the following options at no increase in price. We do it all on the front end, so our competitors can see our back ends!

  • Handlebar width & type- compact or ergo
  • Stem length
  • Handlebar tape color*
  • Tire color*
  • Crank choice- compact or standard
  • Crank length
  • Cassette ratio
  • 0 degree or setback seat post
  • Cable housing colors*
  • Whisper decal color*
    * Limited to available materials.

Parts Selection. We changed the Rules!

The Whisper Team rides and use everything we spec on our bikes. We know what costs more simply because the component companies price it that way versus what actually works better. We know this because we use the parts under a variety of conditions and push them to the limits. We are not ruled by a product manager- we are ruled by performance and what is the best fit for our bikes! We care about the ride- we care about the spec and we build bikes that show it!

"Built 4 U"

We build your Whisper to your dimensions and spec, not your generic, " close-enough" typical sizing that you encounter when looking for a bike. Fit matters! We know this and have been building bikes like this since day one. It's what we do.

Custom build kit specs.

Do you have a specific parts kit that you would like? Send us a complete list of the parts you'd like on your Whisper and we'll e-mail you back pricing and availability.

Please e-mail us at: Whisper Custom Build Kits

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