Every Whisper is designed using Solidworks and implements FEA testing before the first mold is made. And that's just the start. Once we develop our design and only when it meets our requirements for testing simulation & FEA do we move to the next step of the bringing the frame to life.

We use Torayca T, M & MJ series carbon fiber, which is known as one of the best names in the industry. Torayca's stringent quality control processes are unsurpassed in the industry. The T, M & MJ series fabrics come in a variety of modulus (stiffness) and tensile strengths. The next time you have someone say 'high modulus in their sales pitch, ask how high?

Molds & Process
Custom molds are made and the work on creating the frame begins. Our process controls also begin as we develop new measures to ensure our frames exceed testing requirements.

Before the first carbon fiber frame is built for a rider it is tested to 3 standards. The EN industry standard, the CS standard, and the Whisper standard. Our standard is set to a higher testing method than the other standards. This testing is carried out by an independent test lab so results are fact. Once our frames pass the three tiers of testing, it is then time for production.

More Process.
Our process is anything but ordinary. Implementing a series of controls throughout the manufacturing process allows us to produce higher quality product while controlling costs. We have also worked with other manufacturers to help develop their controls.


As our carbon fiber frames are manufactured they undergo constant quality control, which includes x-ray and gauge measuring. Our requirements for the end product are much higher than other leading brands that are run by investment companies and are constantly looking at cutting costs. We will not sacrifice our standards, even if it results in delays in delivery.

Our Commitment to You.

Every Whisper is backed 100% not only by our company guarantee, but also from the riders using these bikes day in and day out. Our commitment has never been stronger.

Come ride with us today.

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