Every Whisper is built for you, the rider. We understand the importance of fit and that small changes can be the deciding factor in performance gains. We do this everyday. Our Pro & Performance builds come with the following options- this does not change the final price of the bike. Those options are in the next column over.

  • Handlebar width & type- compact or ergo
  • Stem length
  • Handlebar tape color*
  • Tire color*
  • Crank choice- compact or standard
  • Crank length
  • Cassette ratio
  • 0 degree or setback seat post
  • Cable housing colors*
  • Whisper decal color*

* Limited to available materials.

Custom Paint & Patterns

Custom Paint- We do all of our own painting in house- we can handle just about any request, and while we love to show off our work- we found that most requests were duplicates of what we've already done! To keep things simple, we can provide you with a custom template. We have no limitations. We use high-quality paint that comes in a variety of finishes.

Pearls, metallic, solids, dyes, shade shifter- to name a few.

Multi colored designs are not a problem. We have several ways to transition colors and can create new ones for your frames. All of our masking patterns are machine cut to insure crisp clean lines between colors.

Have a team, club or design that you would like? No problem! Just send us the specs.

Please e-mail us at: Whisper Custom Options

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